The refugees from Ascadon thought they had found paradise on the continent of Rhovenfold when they arrived 537 years ago. Scouting parties were sent through out the land to learn all there was to know about its current inhabitants. But as the scouting parties all returned bearing the same news of vacancy, aside from the savage Orcs of the jungle regions, dark rumors begin to take seed.

Over the next 122 years, the refugees built a kingdom, establishing borders, minting coins, mining hard resources, and planting crops to feed its people. When the mines in the south west stopped sending goods back to the capitol, a patrol of the kings highest knights was sent to investigate what was thought to be a rebellion. But when they returned, they brought with them only ill tidings of death and a strange artifact of unknown origin.

The kings head paladin, a man named Karene, became obsessed with the ancient item, babbling of secret horrors and end times. In a bloody act of betrayal he slew the king out right and escaped with the artifact. For 15 years the kings son raged a campaign to find Karene and bring him to justice. When the young kings knights finally cornered Karene in an ancient temple, the suffering was thought to be coming to an end. But before the knights entered the temple, the sky grew dark and the earth shook. Miles away the kings castle shone with a bright light before erupting in flames. Citizens were sucked into the earth as it gave way beneath them. Those who could managed to flee to the north, but their numbers were greatly diminished. In an effort to hold fast to their civilized lives, an alliance was formed with the orcs of the jungle.

Now 400 years later still, the Alliance has the strength to begin exploring the southern lands, and attempting to recover their lost kingdom…

Ages Unbound