Ages Unbound

New Beginings
A new sun rises on kings and commoners...

As your eyes adjust to the darkness, your dream fades and you remember where you are. The soldiers of the Tempered Sons are all around, performing their morning routines. As you fold your blanket you recall the events of the past several days. It was hard to believe so few had arrived at the Crowned Coffer Pub to join in the reclaiming of the old country. The Tempered Sons promised a land deed worth up to 1000 gold,a pardon worth up to 1000 gold, or livestock,lumber, and goods up to 1000 gold worth. As you reflect on the reward you will request,a guard calls for all adventurers. After the guard assigns every one to a group, you glance around at the other members of your party. The guard then assigns each group a cart and two horses. As you make your final preparations, the other two teams head out the south gate and into the woods. With only minutes before you leave, you feel now may be a good time to gather any last minute information.


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